Innovative APPS for better marketing

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Your Custom-Branded App

You don't have to know how to code. Or to hire a team of designers and developers. You don't even need to know anything about software or technology. Yet you can create innovative custom mobile apps. With a few clicks, you'll have your own app, with your own branding and content, in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, designed to work with phones and tablets, and including leading-edge technologies and advanced marketing techniques.

Software MAINTENANCE & Feature Updates

Looking down the road, we'll keep your app up-to-date with new technology without you having to lift a finger. In fact, we're constantly adding new features and fixing bugs, taking care of software maintenance and pushing the latest changes to the app stores on your behalf. The process is easy, simple, and hassle-free.


Your custom apps gives you insights you've never had before. Analytics show which art is being viewed (and which isn't) and how often patrons are interacting with it. Analytics also give you the ability to monitor your marketing campaigns to see which artwork and which channels are most effective.

Audio Narrations – in multiple languages

Let your patrons listen to the artwork's story – in their native tongue. Your custom app will play audio narrations for each artwork in over 60 languages.


You can sell artwork right from the app and give your users an easy way to pay. With integration to Apple Pay and Android Pay, users can buy art with a single push of a button.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has become a mainstream technology. It provides a way to visually combine the real world with digital images. Objects are layered over a view of the real world.

Your custom apps come complete with a full set of AR features, including the ability to visualize paintings on your actual walls, complete with proper proportions and colors.

Scannable art for docent tours

Your custom app integrates technology for image scanning and recognition using the phone camera to scan and recognize objects you have chosen. All images you upload are recognizable, so when a user finds one, the app will tell them all about it, including your personal audio narrative.

Patrons can walk around a gallery or museum, scan paintings, and hear about the artwork directly from the artist or a docent – in their native language as needed.

3D Technology

Your custom apps also come with the ability to render and recognize three-dimensional objects you specify, showing 3D images in augmented reality. This means patrons can overlay sculptures in their physical space, or scan them and listen to the audio narration.

Beacons for Location AND Proximity Experiences

With support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons that support Apple-backed iBeacon™ and Google-backed Eddystone™, your app provides exciting new ways to interact with users.

For starters, a beacon can automatically notify patrons in the vicinity that you have a custom app. And when they arrive at your location, it can let them know that the app is accessible to them.

Certain artwork, like dynamic art or glasswork, is more difficult for computers to recognize. For these pieces, a beacon placed near the work will provide patrons with the most reliable method to hear audio narratives.

GPS & Maps

The mobile phone knows where it's located – so does your mobile app; it provides a mapping experience that shows the user where you're located.


Deeplinking allows you and your users to share links that go to a specific place in your app.

But what happens when patrons get a link but they don't have the app installed? Through a technology called "deferred deep links," users are asked to install the appropriate app (iOS or Android) to land on the exact content that was shared.


You can customize the layout of your app, adding pages for Collections, Artists, Maps, and Contacts, or custom tabs of your choice.


You decide which features you want to include/exclude.

  • Custom Images – your catalog of images is available for users to visualize in the real world.
  • Custom Targets – choose the way AR is enabled. Use images in a magazine, business cards, or whatever suits your needs.
  • Custom Locations – show custom AR images at locations of your choice.


Want to invite people to use the apps? Want your users to do the same? To facilitate viral growth, we've included an easy way for app users to personally invite their friends. Users can pick from their list of Facebook friends or comb through their address book of contacts. Either way (or both), you've provided a way to grow you audience!

Push NotificationS

Push Notifications are a staple of mobile apps and, when used wisely, can keep your users current with the messages you'd like to send. You can segment which users to target, with whom to communicate, and schedule when messages are sent.

When a new event is coming up, notify your users through the click of a button.

1:1 Chat (coming soon)

Give your users a way to chat with you directly through the app, either through text messaging or phone calls. Neither you nor your users will have to disclose a phone number – all text and calls are handled directly through the app, so that privacy is maintained for both parties.


We use Google's infrastructure, which provides 99.9% availability and high performance through a worldwide network of servers.

Privacy & Security

All data is encrypted – both in transit and at rest.


Google's cloud infrastructure allows us to scale services on demand.

Start building a new way to stay connected with patrons.

Notification of New Artwork

Patrons are often interested in seeing new artwork. Your app will give you a way to instantly notify them. 


Apps work even if your app temporarily loses its network connection. In addition, apps persist and access data locally, manage presence, and handle latency.