If I have a website, why do I need an app?

Mobile apps are the way that most people stay engaged with content. It's the best way for you to present your brand and allow patrons to interact with you.

What is your policy on cancellation?

You can cancel at any time.

Why is there an ongoing subscription fee?

The subscription fee covers the cost of storing content as well as enhancements and support of your custom-branded app.

What am I buying with the custom app fee?

You are buying your own custom-branded app, including all the functionality and ongoing updates and enhancements.

How time consuming will it be for me to set up the trial app? To maintain the app?

It takes less than 10 minutes for basic configuration, 10 minutes to upload sample artwork, and then a few hours for us to build the trial version of your custom-branded app.

How secure are your apps?

All our apps follow safety standards for Apple and Google app stores. All data is encrypted and your content will not be shared or published outside of your own app. 

Does Auger Labs also custom design apps on a one-off basis?

No. We are not a custom software development company. Instead, we provide powerful, innovative custom apps for specific industry niche markets.

Do your apps have multilingual capability? Which languages? How do you deal with artist/curator spoken words?

Yes, we have full multilingual capabilities. All of the text for your custom-branded app can be in whatever language you'd like (currently over 60 languages). And the spoken narrations can be in any language, too!

Could we recoup costs by charging nominally for our app?

Yes, you can charge whatever you want for people to use your app. It is common, though, for people to be able to get the app for free. We highly recommend that you offer your custom-branded app to your clientele for free.

Are there any data storage limitations/extra charges?

No. There are no extra costs.

What protection do you offer against intellectual property theft?

We support the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If there is an issue with copyright, we'll fix it.

How do you deal with noise from virtual docent tours?

We recommend that users use headphones during virtual docent tours. You can offer these. 

How do we deal with clients without mobile devices?

We don't do anything here. You may need to talk to them directly!