What are deep links?

Have you ever been on your mobile internet browser and clicked on a link that prompts you to to open an app you’ve already installed, like Facebook or Twitter? That’s a deep link, and it’s a powerful tool to market your custom app from Auger.

With your own deep link, those who haven’t already downloaded your app will be sent to the download page on the App Store or Google Drive, depending on whether they’re Apple or Android users. Folks who have already downloaded your app will be whisked directly into your app from any other browser or app they may be using.

After you have published your app to the App Store and Google Play, we will furnish you with tools to create deep links to your app or content within your app, and you can simply link to a specific painting or photograph, or prompt your patrons to download your app.

With Auger, not only do we make it easy to create your own custom app and tell your story to patrons and viewers, we give you the tools to market your app effectively.

Visit www.augerlabs.com to find out more.