We have a true passion for art.


Art is an elemental part of what makes us human. It's not just the visual aesthetics, though. It's also the underlying story that the artwork represents: a focus during creation, an emotion to evoke, a truth to be told.

The stories are an essential component to the art's appeal. All artists know that they create a deeper connection when they can tell the story.

Now, through the power of technology, the artwork can also tell the story when the artist is not there to tell it.

At Auger Labs, our "true north," our company compass, is to help the art world by strengthen the bond with art enthusiasts through innovative, purpose-build technologies.

It's now widely accepted that having a website is no longer enough, and that mobile apps offer far greater versatility and power. The problem is affordability. This reality is the foundation of Auger Labs.

By specializing in custom apps for a multiplicity of users seeking to reach the art patron, we are able to amortize the considerable expense of programming and technology – including visual recognition, augmented reality, interactive mapping, and more – across many users, all of whom get big results for a small cost. In fact, with our 30-day trial membership, there is no initial cost.

As artists, we know the challenges of getting our work seen and having our stories heard. We also know that the bond formed between us and the art patron is what cements sales. In fact, research shows that the majority of art purchases occur when the buyer hears about the work directly from the artist.

That’s why we’ve teamed with great technologists to develop tailor-made apps for the art world to nurture buyer relationships and assure that collections are both seen and heard.